Where to berth in Venice summer 2024
21 March 2024

Where to berth in Venice summer 2024

A brief guide about main berthing places for yacht in Venice summer 2024

Venice is undeniably recognized as the hub of Italian art, culture, and sophistication. Visitors can't help but instantly fall in love with its atmosphere, winding streets, and water canals instead of conventional roads. The life in Venice is different from various points of view and that is why if you go there by a yacht it is advisable to rely upon a seasoned yacht agency which will help to coordinate every aspect of your stay seamlessly. The initial step in planning a trip to Venice is securing a suitable berth. Let's explore the primary berthing locations and their features below:

1. Marina Santelena

Marina Santelena is located close to the the historic center of Venice, behind the Biennale and a few hundred meters from Piazza San Marco.

The dock is strategically designed to shield against the Bora and Tramontana winds, ensuring calm waters even during the Sirocco. Moreover, it provides complete protection from the wave disturbances caused by passing motorboats. All of this is available just a stone's throw away from the well-preserved ancient naval arsenal of the Serenissima Republic, a site that holds a special place in Venice's history.

Marina Santelena has got a full range of services with 99 berthing places with the maximun length up to 65 m and the depth 4,7 m. Before entering the Marina use channel VHF 77 to inform about your arrival.

Marina Santelena

2. Riva Dei Sette Martiri

The location offers 144 meters of quay and a 9-meter draught, making it an ideal spot near Piazza San Marco, nestled between Giardini and the Biennale d'Arte. This strategic point serves as a perfect starting point for exploring the city. Within a short walking distance, you'll find Piazza San Marco and various exciting attractions. Also nearby is the charming Via Garibaldi, renowned for its top-notch bars, shops, and supermarkets.

Riva San Biagio

3. Riva San Biagio

With a quay length of 96 meters and a draught of 7.5 meters, San Biagio stands out as the most remarkable and sought-after dock due to its limited length and prime location. Positioned just a brief stroll away from Piazza San Marco and the gardens that showcase the Art and Architecture Biennale, its location is truly unmatched. San Biagio serves as an ideal base for exploring Venice, offering an unparalleled view of the San Marco basin.

Riva San Biagio

4. Punta Della Salute

It is an impressive dockage with 400 meters of mooring posts ("Briccole") and a draft of up to 5.4 meters. Situated directly across from Piazza San Marco and the island of San Giorgio, it offers stunning views and complete privacy.

Punta Della Salute

5. Banchina Adriatica

Located in the Zattere area, Adriatica boasts 110 meters of quay and a draught of 7.6 meters, offering a picturesque setting in front of the Giudecca Canal. Situated close to the city center, it is conveniently near various churches, museums, and art galleries.

Banchina Adriatica

6. Santa Marta

With 120 meters of quay, a draught of 5.8 meters, and road access, this location is just a few steps away from Fondamenta delle Zattere, the second main entry point to the city.

Santa Marta

This year promises to be vibrant in Venice, with the most significant events like the Biennale d'arte "Foreigners everywhere" running from April 20 to November 24, and the Venice Film Festival from August 28 to September 7. Many prime berthing locations have already been booked, so we recommend securing your spot in Venice while there's still time.

For personalized booking details, reach out to the MSA Yacht team at info@msayacht.com.

Venice map